A game sits on the shelf of the library in the church. The game was donated to our church a few years ago, and dates back to the mid 1980’s, when Trivial Pursuit was at the peak of its popularity. It is a Bible trivia game, with categories in Old […]

More Than Trivia

Archimedes’ screw was an invention by the famous Greek mathematician (287-212 B.C.E), consisting of a tube surrounding an inner screw-type-mechanism.  By turning the screw, Archimedes was able to move water uphill, thus opening up more opportunities for the irrigation of crops (as one example).  Farmers now use a modern version of […]

Archimedes’ Screw

In September of 2001, Pastor Jeff Friesen began driving to Hebron from Lincoln each week to teach the study.  In November of 2002, Jeff was commissioned by the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches as a church planter.  He and his wife, Wendy moved to Hebron in June of 2003. In […]

Our History

Our Purpose Our desire is to be a community of God’s people who are growing in our understanding of God through His word, living out the principles we find in His word and reaching out to others in our community, sharing the “good news” of salvation by grace through faith. […]

Our Purpose

Being a husband and leader in your home is hard, but vital. In a given day, men may be asked to be hard workers, good friends, willing servants, gracious encouragers, patient teachers, good examples, tender lovers, able leaders or all of the above. Unfortunately, many men struggle with knowing how […]

A Day For Adventure

Often in Evangelical circles, we have a tendency to use cliches as verbal and literary shorthand; not in order to communicate with the average person who stops in off of the street, but to other Christians.  On our part, we make sure that our published literature, blog posts and websites include […]

Passionate Learning, Joyful Serving