Welcome to the Hebron Bible Church
Hebron, Nebraska

If you are unable to worship please join us on our YouTube and Facebook page this Sunday 10:00 am.

2024 Vacation Bible School

Our Purpose

Our desire is to be a community of God’s people who are growing in our understanding of God through His word, living out the principles we find in His word and reaching out to others in our community, sharing the “good news” of salvation by grace through faith.The phrase we use to communicate this purpose is: Passionate Learning, Joyful Serving.

Passionate Learning

We long to passionately engage God’s word revealed to us.  We desire to both learn what the Bible says and understand how we are to respond to a God who loves us and calls us to love Him heart, soul, mind and strength.

Joyful Serving

We strive to joyfully serve Jesus by serving others.  We recognize that whatever we do, in word or in action, is done for the glory of God in Christ Jesus.  We are not called to make a choice between loving Jesus and loving our neighbor; instead, we love Jesus by loving our neighbor.